Top 5 Easiest Countries Where To Get Live And Work Visa

Are you currently looking for countries where you can conveniently live and work as an immigrant, here are the top 5 countries where it’s easier to obtain Live and Work Visa


It probably won’t be your commonplace work abroad goal however working in China can be both truly moderate and extremely rewarding in the meantime. Compensations here are higher than in numerous other Asian nations and the economy is blasting, which implies that there are a lot of occupations to browse. Obviously, the enormous urban communities like Shanghai and Beijing will accompany a more expensive price tag, yet pay rates will likewise be fundamentally higher. China is an incredible nation to investigate and many work-abroad projects will have occasions and even toss in free Mandarin classes, so you may even finish up learning an entirely different language while there. Teaching English is the most prevalent activity for expats in China, but Au Pair jobs can likewise be found effectively.

Cost of living: The typical cost for basic items in China can be shockingly low on the off chance that you stay away from the greatest urban communities. Lease for a 1-bed condo begins at $300, supper in a neighborhood café cost around $3.


In the event that your heart is determined to working and living in one of the least expensive nations to live in Europe, Poland is another awesome and reasonable choice. Substantially less known than its neighbor Germany, Poland is gradually turning into a hotspot for worldwide voyagers and expats. The huge urban areas of Warsaw and Krakow are exceptionally present day and have all the Western comforts you could require, however at a large portion of the cost you’d spend in Germany. Teaching is a choice, yet there is additionally an entire arrangement of expert administration openings for work to be discovered that can pay great.

Prevalent jobs in Poland incorporate Customer Service, Teaching English

Cost of living: The cost of living in China can be surprisingly low if you avoid the biggest cities. Rent for a 1-bed apartment starts at $300, a meal in a local restaurant cost around $3.

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For those needing to get live and work visa in an outlandish spot, yet not pay a fortune, Vietnam is any spending voyagers dream. It’s a standout amongst the best and least expensive nations to live in for expats. Despite the fact that Vietnam is still a touch of an insider tip with regards to modest nations in which to live and travel, there’s bounty to see and do. Vietnam has staggering landscapes to investigate, heavenly neighborhood cooking for foodies and is likewise to some degree an experience travel goal.

The currency, Vietnamese Dong, is as of now worth around VND23,000 to $1 and is one of the monetary standards that has debilitated with respect to the dollar lately. The most famous activity for outsiders in Vietnam is teaching English. There are numerous open doors for English educators, with normal month to month pay rates going from $1,100 to $1,700 USD, which is higher than in many neighboring nations.

Cost of living: The average cost for basic items in Vietnam relies upon the city or district you pick. A little loft can be leased for around $250 every month while eating out expenses are around $1–3 for each dinner in the event that you stick to nearby restaurants or road sustenance, and around $10 at Western-style restaurants. Transportation is modest, with nearby open transport beginning at around $0.30 and cabs from just $0.50 per kilometer.


Mexico has something to offer everybody. Think Mayan ruins in the wilderness, turquoise Caribbean waters and laid-back shoreline towns on the Pacific Ocean. Gracious, and the nourishment… From tacos to tamales, ceviche to aguas frescas, the sustenance isn’t just drool-worthy, yet additionally overly cheap. In the event that you keep away from fascinating spots like Cancun or Playa del Carmen and settle on increasingly nearby goals like Merida or Guanajuato, living expenses can be a small amount of those in Western urban areas. Tourism, Teaching English, Au Pair, and Sales positions are popular employments.

Cost of living: A one-room condo costs $200-$500 every month, road sustenance begins from $1 per feast, and a month to month go for neighborhood transportation begins at $16.

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South Korea

South Korea isn’t the least expensive nation to work and live in, yet it made this rundown on the grounds that the pay rates are extremely aggressive, and programs regularly incorporate free convenience, which decreases the typical cost for basic items altogether. Teaching English is the conspicuous work choice, as South Korea has become famous as a standout amongst the best goals on the planet for showing English as an unknown dialect. Korea’s cutting edge urban areas rival those in the US and Europe, the wide open is staggering and various, the sustenance is unimaginable, and the general population is agreeable, making it an extraordinary goal to work, set aside cash, and travel. Teaching English, and Sales are the most popular employment.

Cost of living: While higher than in Southeast Asian nations, South Korea is as yet reasonable, with rents for 1-bed lofts beginning at around $375 and restaurant beginning from $6.

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