How To Obtain UK Visas For Employment In The UK

UK Visas For Employment In The UK

According to the European Commission, the European Union (EU) citizens have the right to:

  • relocate to another EU country to work without a work permit;
  • benefit equal treatment with nationals in access to gaining employment, working conditions and every other social and tax advantages;
  • continue to stay in the country even after employment has terminated.

If your home country is situated outside the EU or European Economic Area (EEA) you will be required to obtain a work permit to take up employment in the UK. Categories of Immigration are dependent on a points-based system and non-European migrants will have to carefully research their category requirements before applying for visas. Find out more at GOV.UK – Work Visas.

For further information and how to find out what conditions and restrictions apply, see:

European Commission – Free Movement EU Nationals
Europa – Work-Related Rights

Language requirements

If you are looking for employment in the UK, you will be required to speak a certain level of English.

If you are a person over 18 and wish to settle in the country you may be required to prove your proficiency through an English language qualification or a degree which you have taught or researched in English.

Certain nationalities are however exempt from having to prove their proficiency as regards those individuals who have a long-term physical or mental condition. GOV.UK has details on language requirements, recognized English Language tests and other specifications for individuals who wish to settle in the UK at GOV.UK – Settle in the UK.

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How to explain your qualifications to employers

In some particular countries around the world, higher education qualifications are directly comparable to those ones in the UK. Thanks to the Bologna Process, if you are an EU national who has already studied a degree in your home country it should be recognized by UK employers.

However, before applying for employment in the UK, check with potential employers, find out What It’s Like To Work In The UK…

To learn further about the recognition of qualifications see UK NARIC.

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