How To Obtain A Job In The UK

How to get a job in the UK!

You can apply for a job in the UK via online through sending a short CV and cover letter or filling out (as required) an application form. Where recommended, CVs should not be longer than two sides of A4 and cover letters not more than a page.

To get a job in the UK, networking is important and a lot of vacancies are filled through words of mouth. You can make use of any pre-existing UK contacts to make inquiries about vacancies and let them be informed that you are actively searching for work in the country.

Speculative applications are also acceptable, and these can be certainly useful when applying to small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) as they usually don’t advertise their vacancies.

It’s however advisable for you to quickly apply so that you can get a job in the UK as early as possible as many companies have long recruitment processes. You are welcome to Apply in your home country and then make the move once you have secured a position.

Due to a constant high turnover of staff, the retail industries and the hospitality often recruit through all year round. The creative arts and design sector usually recruit in London, while marketing and PR are thriving in cities such as Birmingham and Manchester.

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If you are shortlisted for a job in the UK, you may be recommended to attend a series of interviews. These could be panel interviews with managers and HR personnel or a one-to-one interview with your potential line manager. In the UK, Larger companies and graduate schemes often utilize a mix of psychometric testing, assessment centers and interviews to select successful candidates.

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