How To Get Teaching Jobs And Internships In The UK

Teaching jobs

The main languages that are often taught in schools in the UK are German, French, and Spanish. If you are coming from outside of the UK and equally possess skills in one of these languages, you may be able to find teaching jobs as a modern foreign language (MFL) teacher.

Due to the shortage of professionals in these subjects, there is a high demand for talented individuals. If you have a university degree or English equivalent and possess a good grasp of the English language, you may be entitled to bursary support so as to complete the required postgraduate study.

For more information on teaching languages in the UK, available bursaries and training options, you are welcome to go to Teach Modern Foreign Languages.

The British Council also provides opportunities for professionals to teach foreign languages in British schools through their language assistants program. If you are a fluent speaker of French, Spanish, German, Irish, Italian, or Mandarin you could certainly spend a year teaching in the UK, developing valuable teaching experience and transferable skills. Salaries also vary depending on your location. If you are working in inner London you will be paid £1,115 per month and £886 per month for the rest of the UK.

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To get a foot in the door of an organization, many students in the UK look out for relevant work experience. Work experience opportunities are therefore available in almost every sector and will vary in length, depending on the organization. In some cases a placement may be as short term as one day; others may even last for several months and eventually lead to a permanent position.

It’s important to know that all work experience has real value and many students are successful in securing a place for several months.

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Your university’s international office can support you in finding and applying for work experience and internships.

Search for work experience in the UK.

Placement Year International: Provides paid business and hospitality internships for students and recent graduates.

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