#119 Express Entry Draw June 12, 2019 – Canadian Immigration

The most recent round of invitation for Express Entry Draw just took place on June 12, 2019, which was the 119th Express Entry Draw. Canada provided 3,350 invitations to those who have a CRS cut off score of 465. This was the #119 Express Entry Draw of June and the first draw of the month. The last draw provided 3,350 invites to those who have a cut-off CRS score of 470. We are in the anticipation that the #120 draw will be similar to the #119 draw.

Although this is a 5 point reduction from the 118 cut- off score, this is yet a high CRS score. The time in between the draws could possibly drive the score higher through allowing more people to enter the pool or there could really be an increase in the number of qualified applicants which may be allowing the draws to be more competitive.

Do you want to be selected for the #120 Express Entry Draw?

The VisaPlace Express Entry Application Service will be a good way to quickly get you into the pool and which will include a profile that gives you the best chance of being selected.

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How To Emigrate to Canada Using Canadian Express Entry If you need our support increasing your CRS score before the next Express Entry Draw that may come up in June here are 8 ways you can increase your CRS score. There are more invitations that are even anticipated to be issued through the coming weeks, months, and years, benefiting persons and families around the world who wish to make Canada their new permanent settlement. The Comprehensive Ranking System is a score out of 1,200 that is usually used to benchmark federal economic applicants against one another. It’s an aspect of the Express Entry mechanism, that was founded in January 2015 to process residency applications. The score will be used as a cut-off point in the Express Entry draws. It is fashioned in such a way as to project a candidate’s likelihood of becoming economically successful in Canada.

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